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Senior citizens affected by memory loss playing chess

 Life skill Collections

 for senior living   communities

let's take a walk down memory lane together...

Featured Collections

Gardening vignette

Nothing warms the heart like planting flowers on a beautiful sunny day. The Gardening Vignette allows residents to put their hands in the soil, water seeds and watch flowers bloom, right before their eyes.

Senior citizens with memory loss enjoying a life skills gardening station.

Photograph by : Larry Kirk 

Grunge Wood
Senior citizen in memory care using a clerical vignette designed for those with memory loss.

Photograph by : Larry Kirk 


Residents will discover every day memories of writing letters to loved ones, paying bills and jotting notes in journals as they work in an office-like setting. The Clerical Vignette offers many tasks for the resident to explore

  client portal

Partner with Memory Lane to curate custom collections exclusively for your company! 


The Client Portal allows your company to curate custom collections that specifically meet you and your residents' needs.  Memory Lane will collaborate with you during the design process for each package, as well as, procure and package the collections to your specifications. Once your collections are complete, we will create a private shopping page for you to log in and order your specific collections.

If this sounds like the perfect opportunity for your company and communities, click the sign-up button below and fill out our questionnaire. We will contact you via e-mail once approved. Memory Lane looks forward to working with you on your custom collections!

Fun elderly gentleman jumping while listening to music

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