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2  Bread Pans
2  Cake Pans 
1  Muffin Tin
2  Cookie Pans
1  Bamboo Utensil Set (Spoon, Fork, Turner Included)
1  Ladle
1  Straining Spoon
1  Rubber Spatula Set
1  Whisk
1  Rolling Pin
1  Collander
1  Set of Measuring Cups & Spoons
1  Kitchen Utensil Holder  (Will Be: Solid Black, White or Tan)
1  Rubbermaid Coated Wire Dish Drying Rack
1  Kitchen Scrubber
4  Plastic White Dinner Plates
4  Plastic White Cups  
4  Plastic White Cereal Bowls 
2  Hot Pads
3  Dish Towels - (One Decorative for Display)
2  Dish Cloths
1  Rubbermaid Utensil Scrubbers
1  Decorative Iron Cookbook Holder
3  Cookbooks
2  Kitchen Aprons and Decorative Hooks
1  Recipe Box and Cards
1  Stainless Steel Canister Set
1  Clear Canister Set
3  Bags of Dried Beans
3  Bags of Colored Pasta
1  Silverware Tray for Sorting
1  Set of Silverware
2  Kitchen Implements (Hand Sifter, Beater, etc.)
1  Mixing Bowl Set
1  Solid Wood Cutting Board
1  Cookie Jar
1  Coffee Maker or Tea Kettle


  • Do you need to contact us for more personalized packages? Need to exclude an item or want a specific color?


    Please select contact us and we can work to accommodate your needs. Please include what collection you need customized along with your request. Price will vary.

  • Comparable subsitutions will be made for any out-of-stock items

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