3   Baby Blankets
1   Set of 3 Baby Bottles 
1   Set of 3 Bottle Nipples 
1   Set of Baby Keys
3   Baby Bibs
3   Baby Shirts
3   Baby Pants
3   Baby Onesies
2   Soft Baby Toys
3   Lined Wicker Baskets 
3   Gendered Baby Sock Sets
2   Pacifiers
1   Coffee Table Book feat. Baby Photos
2   Baby Magazines
1   Package of Cloth Diapers 
1   Photo Album with Baby Photos
1   Photo Frame with Baby Picture
2   Parenting Magazines
3   Nursery Rhyme Books
1   Life-Like Baby Doll
1   Moses Basket


1    Glider
1    Changing Table
1    Changing Table Pad & Cover
1    Mobile Bassinet


Baby Gender (contact us for more specifications)
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    Please select contact us and we can work to accommodate your needs. Please include what collection you need to be customized with your request. Price will vary.


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