1   Tool Box
1   Set of Assorted Peg Board Hooks
1   Set of Assorted Screwdrivers
3   Monkey Wrenches
1   Retractable Tape Measure
1   Metal Speed Square
3   Pairs of Work Gloves
2   Packs of Sand Paper
1   Set of Pliers
3   Packages of Assorted Nuts & Bolts
5   Wood Pieces to Sand
6   Baby Food Jars for Sorting Nuts & Bolts
8   PVC Pipe Sections & Elbow Fittings
1   Rubbermaid Container for PVC Pieces
1   Jar of Furniture Foot Pads
4   Assorted Paint Brushes 
1   Roll of Duct Tape
1   Level
1   Set of Plastic Drawers for Sorting Nuts & Bolts
2   Pairs of Safety Goggles
2   Paint Masks
4   Various Sized Clamps
3   Paint Sample Cards
1   Paint Fan Deck
3   Paint Brochures
1   Paint Roller
3   Bungie Chords
2   Tool Aprons
2   Plastic Paint Liners
1   Set of Paint Stirs 



1    Workbench*
1    Stool*


*Workbench and stool will need to be assembled


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  • Comparable substitutions will be made for any out-of-stock items