1    Tool Box for Storage

1    Set of Assorted Screwdrivers

2   Monkey Wrenches

1    Retractable Tape Measure

1    Metal Speed Square

1    Pair of Work Gloves

2   Packs of Sand Paper

1    Set of Pliers

1    Package of Assorted Nuts & Bolts (large size)

2   Wood Pieces to Sand

2   Baby Food Jars for Sorting Nuts & Bolts

3   PVC Pipe Sections & Elbow Fittings

1    Jar of Furniture Foot Pads

3   Assorted Paint Brushes

1    Roll of Duct Tape

1    Pair of Safety Goggles

1    Paint Mask

2   Various Sized Clamps

3   Paint Sample Cards

1    Paint Fan Deck

3   Paint Brochures

1    Paint Roller

2   Bungie Chords

1    Tool Apron

1    Set of Paint Stirs


  • If you require any assistance deciding what packages you need or want to make adjustments that better fit your needs, please reach out to us. We are happy to help!